Gov360.org  is a non-profit, non-partisan organization attempting to raise awareness about the near total lack of participation in our system, and how self governing and true freedom are impossible if the vast majority of citizens are not involved.

Gov360.org does not ask politicians to “fix” the system, because that has proven to fail. The only way to fix the system is from with-in.  For things to change we must:

1. Deal with some of the vast misconceptions about who votes, who does NOT vote, and why so many wrongly refuse to participate.2. Confront or completely reject the constant MEDIA obsession with Presidents, and put much more focus on Madison’s idea for representative government which became Article 1 Section 2 of our Constitution.

3. Truly reach out to the 100 million non-voters on their own terms, and encourage people to find ways to work with-in the system.

READ: Article 1 Section 2, U.S. Constitution
For Turnout FACTS: Infoplease.com – National Voter Turnout in Federal Elections 1960-2008

U.S. House Main Number: (202) 224-3121

non-profit organizational movement to increase voter turnout in the mid-term congressional elections.