U.S.A. in Crisis, Revolution in 2010

The Problem: ppreplica.is
90% of voting age Americans do not know the name of the U.S. House rep. from their own local district.  The United States was designed to be a constitutional representative republic, however widespread lack of participation has created a viscous cycle of dysfunctional government leading to further rejection of government by the people.  This is only made worse by those in the media who refuse to treat this as a serious crisis, instead referring to all people as “voters”, even in districts were only 10%-20% of the people actually vote in most elections. 

The United States ranks last among industrialized nations in terms of participation by the people.  Voter turnout in mid-term general elections averages less than 38% of the eligible citizens.  Voter turnout for presidential elections ranges between 50% and 60%, but the president is given very little power according to the U.S.. Constitution. 

So, despite years of work by voter advocacy groups such as Rock the Vote, turnout remains low in important non-presidential elections.   Media outlets and blogs make the presidential elections into big events that perpetuate a false left/right paradigm and further distract us from constitutional self-governing.

The Concept of Self Governing – All Politics is Local:

Freedom comes with responsibility, and only the people can be responsible for fixing things in their own government.  Refusing to get organized or work with-in the system, because of the belief that the system is hopelessly rigged and broken, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and only leads to further control by powerful limited interests. 

In Washington, the U.S. House is the most important governing body, because the people are supposed to directly elect their 435 representatives every two years (the constitution does not ask people to directly elect the President).  In addition to legislative powers, the U.S. House has control over the money in the U.S. Treasury, they have the final approval of executive branch appointments, and they have the sole power to impeach the president.

The Solution:

The solution is very simple:  We must start to acknowledge the correlation between widespread lack of participation and the rise of dysfunctional partisan government that is often not working for the people.

Start by getting informed. Follow our link to your local election web site.  Find out who your current U.S. House rep. is.  Also, look up your governor, your state rep. and your mayor.  Find out who may be running against them in the next election.   Get organized, and join campaigns where people going door to door can defeat the big money candidates who waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on negative, annoying ads and useless mailers that end up in a landfill.

Find links and information on GOV360’s resource page, and spread the word.

REVOLUTION is in the CONSTITUTION – Don’t discard it.  Act on it.

90% of  “The People” CANNOT name their representative


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non-profit organizational movement to increase voter turnout in the mid-term congressional elections.